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Lakeland Renewables Ltd is an environmental company whose ‘green credentials’ are our major asset. We are focused on providing high efficient cost-effective and innovative design & build solutions using our expertise and more that 30 years experience from our technology partners.

Our comprehensive range of technology supports many sectors from Domestic Sector with our patented Bio Sol Furnace offers a supplementary solution for economical and ecological heating for domestic houses, coupled with the Einsiedler Patented Solar technology that offer s performance that can’t be matched by any other solar system currently on the market. (Refer to Harp Data Base)

For the industrial sector we provide can provide turnkey biomass boiler from 100kw to 4MW to operate for Low Temperature Hot Water and Steam boiler up to 4MW.

We can offer customers our SWEBO BIOTHERM Boiler, this new innovative technology can combust any organic material and to date have plants operating of the following feed-stocks, Horse Manure, Fish Offal, the system will also combust Poultry Manure, Spent Mushroom Compost, Slaughter house waste and a wide variety of extreme fuels giving you the flexibility with many different fuels, that can be diverted to produce energy thus elevating high disposal costs and bearing in mind fossil fuel market price projections.