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Accumalator Tanks

The accumulator tank is the heart of your heating system. For domestic and commercial application, the accumulator tank or thermal store, enables the highest level of efficiency and flexibility in water based heating systems.

The function of the accumulator tank is to collect and store heat energy from any source and to allow flexible use of the heat energy, either directly for space heating or via an internal heat exchanger for hot water.

An important feature of accumulator tank must be well insulated to prevent heat loss, i.e. radiated heat. An accumulator tank must retain heat for as long as possiable, so that it can be used to heat a house and provide it with hot water. A Dalatank with 90mm polyurethane insulation is more efficient than a tank with conventional insulation.

The accumulator tank must have few connections, as several connections result in greater heat loss. A Dalatank has only the most important connections, and our systems connection solutions are unique to ensure even greater energy savings.

We can provide high quality hot water tanks produced in Sweden, ranging in sizes from 300 to 10,000 litres capacity.

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