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EKS-Evacuated Tube Collectors



The EKS Vacuum tube insulated technology is proven to be the best way to prevent heat loss. The modern day EKS glass evacuated tube technology allows heat conversion that is up to 94%. This form of insulation does not wear, is eco-friendly and protects solar absorbers and its selective coating from corrosion and accidental damage. It is perfect for heating rooms (under floor heating or radiators) and providing hot water for your home or premises, using solar energy to supplement your existing heating or hot water system.

The Advantages

Provision of EKS evacuated tube collectors to all the builder's specifications. Suitability to function as free standing units, for flat or slanted roofs and facades. Capability of being erected at an angle between 00 and 900 degrees.


Quick and easy to assemble, the modules can be connected up quickly and with minimal time absorption.


Evacuated tubes are designed for the optimum use of energy. The EKS can achieve up to 800KWh per m2 per annum. Even in overcast conditions and at temperatures below zero the output is continuous, the EKS tubes really are year-round collectors.


The Einsidler name has an excellent reputation for quality and reliability. It has been proven time and again over more than 25 years. The Patented EKS solar tubes are made from strong aluminium body that will not corrode. A toughened solar glass tube that does not break under hail conditions and heavy snow loads, it comes complete with a highly efficient absorber surface coating spluttered (fused) onto the absorber itself. The EKS system comes with a full 10 years warranty.

The patented Einsiedler Energy-Saving Package

With the Einsiedler Energy-Saving Package you get eco-friendly heating at rock bottom running cost.  You will enjoy the latest technology combined with the reliability of a proven manufacturer.

The EKS Solar technology might be marginally more expensive than other similar systems currently on the market. The benefits however of the EKS solar are more significant over the long term and the decision should be considered as an investment instead of a route to short term savings.

The Advantages

  • Even on dull days you can enjoy hot water, produced emission-free by means of the patented layer tube.
  • The EKS control panel coordinates the interplay of the different components.  It is equipped with a light sensor, start button and speed regulation and ensures the lowest running costs at a high output.  Most importantly, it provides comfortable, sustainable heat.
Enjoy the future today.  Do something about global warming and reduce your carbon footprint and invest in the EKS solar energy package.
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The EKS solar for your hot water requirements and supplement heating and in doing so reducing your carbon foot print and saving you money