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Osby 500 Series


The Burner for extreme fuels

SWEBO have over 30 years experience of alternative fuels and have developed an efficient environmentally-friendly and fully automated system for burning wood chips, sawdust, sod peat, wood pellets etc, with which other fuels can be mixed.

The combustion of the fuel occurs in a pre-burner where the fuel is fed in with a transport screw from the fuel store. The benefits of the pre-burner is that the combustion occurs at a very high temperature, just below 1000 degrees and that the primary air is always preheated to approximately 400 degrees. The hot flue gases are then directed to the boiler. Combustion can occur with a quantity of different materials with a moisture content of up to 45%.

SWEBO Energy Burners are supplied with our unique SA2 modulating control system. This control system gives precise, complete combustion with a significantly higher degree of efficiency and lower fuel consumption than the majority of systems where combustion occurs directly in the boiler. Ratings from 65kw – 500kw, adapted to suit the boiler room.


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