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Biomatic+20 & Biomatic+50



Biomatic +20 and Biomatic +50- Next generation of integrated pellet boilers

Ariterm Biomatic +20 is an economical, reliable and environmentally friendly combination of central heating boiler and pellet burner, which is intended for heating houses and for the production of hot water. The Biomatic +20 and +50 has a new modern design which is combined with our renowned safe and reliable pellet boiler in a new model with an aluminium body. The best possible comfort, environmental performance and efficiency of (91%) to meet the requirements for easy handling and effective pellet ignition.

Automatic Control

The control system is specially designed for pellet combustion and permits efficient control at 3 different settings. The control display provides information about operational status, such as, boiler temperature, exhaust temperature, rate of pellet consumption, amount of pellets remaining in storage, alarm functions etc. From the point of view of convenience the Biometric |+20 and +50 shows their real advantages when in a complete pellet system with feeding from a storage container which is filled by the pellets being blown in from the bulk delivery vehicle. The Biometric +50 offer different solutions for automatic as removal.

Oil Heating

Adapted hatch and ash box parts that make the Biometric +50 and even more efficient oil burner are available as accessories.