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Fuel Store Options

We offer you many flexible fuel storage solutions. With a focus on the customers unique situation. We can develop large fuel storage options that guarantee a long period of operation between refills.


SWEBO S.M.S. is the optimum storage solution for large storage capacity. This is a flexible modular system that was developed in order to minimise the management process for biofuel consumers with respect to large fuel storage volumes that the SWEBO S.M.S provides. The maximum volume per module is 30 cubic meters of fuel. You also have the option to connect a second module which will give you a total fuel store capacity of 60 cubic meters.

The system is adapted for the ‘roll on roll off’ concept. The SWEBO S.M.S can be used for all biofuels that can be used today such as wood pellets, wood chips, peat, horse manure, poultry manure and spent mushroom compost.
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