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Solar Home Heating

Perhaps the most exciting new development is the EKS solar technology is designed for space or home heating applications. With the powerful performance vacuum tube technology, winter heating has become much more feasible. The EKS solar space heating can be integrated into an existing home heat system via under-floor heating and radiators or forced air home heating. In all these applications, solar is to be used as a supplement to the existing heating system.
The diagram  below  illustrates a simple solar hot water heating circuit.
Schematic showing EKS providing hot water and supplementing to heating
A sealed circuit of fluid containing a special mix of glycol is pumped around the system through the Solar tubes where it is heated and passed through a special solar coil within the hot water tank. The heat is then transferred to the main body of water within the tank, once up to temperature, this water is ready for use in the house, office or factory.

There are many advantages to installing an EKS Solar System. You will be helping to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and the carbon emissions that are causing long term damage to our climate, but also making huge savings on your annual fuel bills. For example up to 70% of annual domestic hot water can be obtained via the EKS Solar System and in some cases 80%.

Don't forget you can claim a grant towards your solar installation. If you live in Rep of Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland. Go on reduce you carbon footprint now.

Please read our powerpoint presentation.