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BIo-Sol Furnace


Efficient and Environmental Energy Package

The Bio-Sol Combo Pellet boiler and accumulator works quite unlike any other. The Bio-Sol Furnace can work on wood pellets, oil, solar, Electricity, heat pump. The furnace has a cylindrical standing accumulator tank with a biomass fuel furnace built into the upper part of the boiler.

If you connect solar energy via the installed solar coil, every Kwh is automatically supplied to the water in the boiler, thus reducing pellet fuel consumption. As the Bio-Sol boiler has a water volume of 620 litres and is fitted with dual tap water coils, the Bio-Sol can produce tap water for large bath tubs and still have enough for a number of hot showers.

Unbeatable Performance

The combination of the Bio-Sol Furnace + the SWEBO Pellet Burner and Einsiedler Solar Evacuated Tube Technology provides the very best performance imaginable. This is because the water is heated by both the pellet burner and the solar panels in the same water jacket, quite simply an unbeatable combination, which also comes at a low investment costs.

Easy To Install & Maintain

Thanks to its unique design, with all functions in one unit, the Bio-Sol boiler takes up far less space than conventional heating solutions. Maintenance of the burner, removal of ash and cleaning of soot take place at a comfortable working height via the opening on the front of the boiler.


The Bio-Sol furnace is delivered with:
  • Insulation
  • Ash Box
  • Draught limiter
  • 3 thermometers
  • Overheat Protection
  • Thermostat
  • 4 Turbolators and soot cleaning tools.


The furnace is guaranteed for two years from day of installation under the condition that producer validated optional equipment is used and that an authorized burner installer inspected the plant during commissioning and start-up. In areas with calcium rich water the calcium remover Aqua 2000 or equivalent is installed in order for the guarantee on the hot water loops to apply.

Installation Drawing



Product Sheet Bio-Sol