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Arimax Scraper Fuel feed

T1 scraper fuel feed system

Sizes T1 (1.5 x 3m) T2 ( 3 x 3m), K2 (2x2m)

Arimax T2, T1 and K2 scraper fuel feed systems contain hydraulic scrapers which move backwards and forwards. The automatic control device moves the fuel to the centre of the floor area. The fuel feed auger has its own separate drive motor. The scrapers move the fuel to the feed auger only when required. This prevents over-speeds on the storage feed auger. The scraper storage tanks are available with bases from 3m2 to approximately 9m2 to which optional walls can be added to obtain the desired volume. The maximum volume of the T2 storage is 50m3.

The T1 and K2 scraper feed systems are equipped with one scraper and the T2 has two scrapers. The T1 measures 1.5 x 3m, the K2 measures 2 x 2m. The T2 storage tank is the largest at 3 x 3metres.
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