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Biojet P & Biojet T

In developing the Biojet burner’s water-cooled burner head, we have made use of the best knowledge and experience that can be gained from research and development. The Arimax Biojet can burn wood pellets, sod peat, briquettes, wood chips and sawdust. The Arimax Biojet falls below today’s most stringent emissions limits, with results up to ten times better than generally accepted levels.

The burner is highly reliable and easy to use. The Biojet P is equipped with a cast iron grate specially designed for burning wood pellets and wood chips, and the Biojet T has a stainless steel grate with grate scrapers which clean the grate area and keep it free from carbon and sinter cake.

The installation also works well with low loads, the working power range in continuous operation with a turndown ratio of 20% -100%. For example, with the Arimax Bio 300kw boiler burning wood pellets as fuel, the efficiency level is 90% at nominal output and 85% at
low load.


SWEBO Bio Burners