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SWEBO BioTherm

SWEBO Bioenergy, in co-operation with Lulea University of Technology, has spent several years developing a combustion facility that can burn challenging fuels, extremely high moisture content fuels such as horse manure, Poultry Manure, Spent Mushroom Compost, Fish Offal and slaughter house byproducts.

Thanks to the SWEBO BioTherms high degree of efficiency and unique combustion design, it is the most environmentally friendly and efficient heating alternative in its class, both in terms of operation and economy. The Patented SWEBO BioTherm is the result of a research and development project lasting many years and, like so many of our other products, it has made a significant impression on the market. Among other fuels, the burner can burn wood chips with a moisture content of up to 61% as well as offal. In other words, it is a genuine milti-burner.

The BioTherm Technology can efficiently compost the following materials


Horse Manure

Spent Mushroom Compost

Fish Offal

Poultry Manure

Wood Waste

SWEBO Patented Biotherm



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