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Fuel Feed Systems


SWEBO S-Series

The SWEBO S series comprises a number of different smart storage fuel feed system, which is driven by hydraulic scarpers, to allow the least expensive and robust (S6) to be constructed in kit form, measuring 2.8 x 1.2 metres (max 2 wide) and with two different wall heights. The storage tank is supplied unassembled for an inexpensive but high quality solution. The storage tank can handle loads of up to around 16 m3.

SWEBO’s (S8) storage tank is constructed to enable it to operate in environments requiring even greater load capacities. The base plate, which measures 3 x 2.4 metres, is supplied without walls. These are assembled on site. The hydraulic storage tank is driven by 2
industry-standard scrapers and a number of intermediate scrapers to increase the storage tank’s efficiency. The SWEBO’s largest model in the S-series –S16, has a base plate measuring 6 x 2.4 metres.

All the storage options in the S-series are either supplied with a separate storage control system, or are integrated into the combustion facility’s control system if the storage tank is part of a package delivery comprising a boiler, burner and fuel storage.
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