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We offer you newly created designs manufactured in Sweden and breaks from the traditional design to challenge the viewer’s senses. All stoves are P-marked and their fans and patented fuel feeding system and a high level of efficiency in combination with full automatic
operation make’s them the quietest pellet stoves on the market. The room temp temperature can be set easily on the control panel and with thermostat regulated operation, the stove is lit and extinguished automatically to maintain the set temperature.

Refilling pellets is from above by sliding the top forwards to access the hopper. The capacious hopper enables the stove in a normal family house, to burn for 1-2 days before having to refill.

Chimney or Not?

Our pellet stoves can be installed without a traditional chimney if your home does not have one. The solution that makes this possible is called ‘Drag’, which is a patent-pending fan controlled flue gas duct that goes straight out through the wall. Even connection to a traditional chimney, new or old, is extremely easy as only one operation is needed for upward or backward connection.



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