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EKS Solar Specification


Cutting edge solar design EKS vacuum tube is currently the most efficient solar tube worldwide it main parts are:

The Tube

The Tube: 2.5 mm borosilicate glass thickness, hail impact resistance (50kp/cm2), acid-proof, optical lens effect.



Absorber: Aluminum absorber 92% efficiency coating, aluminum nitrid sputtering, dimensions: 2000mm length, 100mm diameter.


The System
EKS-DB tubes are connected to a manifold. Every tube is floated with Glycol anti-freezing medium. The medium is premixed with distilled water to prevent corrosion and furring and it’s also eco-friendly. The system can be mounted on flat roofs, balconies, walls, nearly in every position facing due south.

EKS 600 Control unit, comes complete with 6 temperature sensors.

EKS 1600 Control unit, is a free programmable control unit, comes with 16 sensor inputs, 11 outputs, network Can-Bus, GPRS, (Cell phone) internet.

EKS 600 Control   EKS 1600 Control

The EKS Solar tubes are easy to install and generally will take 2 days for installation.
EKS Installation Instructions

Data For Solar Grant Application

The following table provides the information you will require to complete your grant application form:
Manufacture Einsiedler
Model EKS
Model Number 2-16
Collector Type Evacuated Tube
SEI Product ID SEI-ST-257 T

Performance Output

No of Tubes Aperture Area Approx KWh/year Output KW Gross Area
8 1.5m2 1140 1.2 2.15m2
16  3m2  2280  2.4  4.3m2 
24  4.5m2  3420  3.6  6.45m2 
32  6m2 4560 4.8 8.6m2
40 7.5m2 5700 6.0 10.75m2