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The SWEBO control systems are designed for biofuel combustion and is adapted accordingly. The control system platform for the FBS Control id designed for internet Explorer and the only requirements for regulating and monitoring the installation is an internet connection and an IP address.

Touch Screen

The FBS Control is supplied with a 12’’ colour user friendly touch screen. The system security has a unique passwords access that can be created to ensure that facilities are protected against unauthorised access. There are various access levels which determine the operations a user can perform at an installation, from viewing only to a full user profile, depending on the login.


The SA2 is one of the most effective automatic combustion control systems on the market. Firstly, it is designed to provide installation owners with trouble-free, power-optimised combustion, as well as a system overview and combustion process regulation. The SA2 can be combined with a flame detector, back fire thermostat and back fire protection to give a complete control and safety system for biofuel, wood chip & wood pellets.



The SA2 is equipped with outputs for A, B, and C alarms, and a number of additional alarm sockets can be attached if required. A panel for remotely controlling the automatic combustion control system can also be fitted as an option.
Product Sheet-FBS Control   Product Sheet – SA2 Control